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Live or in-person interactions create a connection you cannot foster digitally. Each event is given a purpose and theme, separating each experience and leaving a unique impression on guests and brand partners.

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Cuisine development
+ catering

Thematic gourmet menu development, as locally sourced as possible. Flexible structure from tapas to multi-course meals for a variety of dietary needs, fully designed and executed by our in-house chef team.

Bar design + beverage development

We work closely with beverage partners to create one-of-a-kind cocktail and mocktail options. Our mixologists shake all night long.


Interior design + mood composing

Our nontraditional venues transport you on an escape - to another location, another time, another reality. Trust our talented designers, lighting technicians, textile experts, and builders to immerse you in an experience down to the details.


Guest list +
marketing +

We ensure the experience expands beyond the physical realm...our communication team engages guests digitally with highly designed, 100% original content. Detailed messaging prepares your audience to show up comfortable and ready to connect and leaves them with professional, downloadable images for lasting memories.

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Working with HOC has been a breeze.

Our clients.

Bronze Bunny


We were so overwhelmed with details for our party until we reached out to HOC

Hai Poke


That's the fam


Dance Party

We've had some crazy parties in the past, but when we linked up with the HOC they set our shit on fire

Our latest.


Live and play in color!

Feast your eyes and feed your palette with playful gourmet tapas, masterpiece libations, a stroke of surprise, and of course, a dynamic crowd of connections to be made.

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