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Our founders

"We want to share, be vulnerable, inspire and be inspired."

Three women with a larger than life view of their city. Each founder has a separate skill set.

Pastel sits as the Head Executive Chef. She’s self-taught and balances traveling the world as a DJ with harnessing her passion for food.

Gaby leads the design team. She’s a sultry creative who loves creating spaces with attention to detail and quality. Her portfolio includes set design for other productions around the city including Columbus Sneakerball.

Alexia excels in branding and entrepreneurship. She has the power to bring people together which can be witnessed through her first brand, the Columbus Book Project.


Our team.

What do we bring
to the table?

What started with 3 founders now has become a team of brilliant creatives and artists who showcase their skills through our dinners.

Alexia Winfield

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Gaby Santiago

Co-Founder & Design Director

Pastel Bryant

Co-Founder & Cuisine Director

Emily Evans

Communication Director

Sydney Cologie

Brand Marketing Director

Khyle Ford


Amy Robinson Ford

Textile Designer

Grace Anthony

Bryce Herd

Bridget Johnson

Stylist/Day of Production/Model Direction

Ty Inglesi

Beverage Curator

Nevarre Mulderink

Beverage Curator

Aaron Wicklow

Beverage Curator

Ashley Lofton

Beverage Menu Director

Nicholas Hoover

Pastry Chef

Emmanuel Tyson

Executive Chef

Jamey Chilton

Executive Chef

Branden Weigel

Menu Development Director

Kevin Smith

Floral Designer

Simone Gholston

Production & Communication Manager

Duncan Litton Thomas

Staging / Lighting / Production / Activations

Our latest.


Live and play in color!

Feast your eyes and feed your palette with playful gourmet tapas, masterpiece libations, a stroke of surprise, and of course, a dynamic crowd of connections to be made.

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